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PYXIS Solutions International Pty Ltd
Spatial Information Systems



PYXIS Profile

PYXIS is a vendor independent consulting and system integration group addressing the needs of government and private organisations for the introduction and utilisation of information technology (IT) to improve corporate and business performance. PYXIS is 100% Australian owned and operated and specialises in the provision of expert GIS services across the entire industry spectrum.

PYXIS Consultants address all the aspects of corporate IT systems, emphasising the importance of spatial information systems, including Land and Geographic Information Systems (LIS/GIS) and Automated Mapping/Facilities Management (AM/FM) systems for Utilities. Our careful and structured approach, utilising modern business and system development and project management methodologies, results in the implementation of an organisational change through high quality information systems. These systems deliver the optimal solution, combining organisational, technical and financial efficiency, for each customer organisation.

PYXIS Consultants have been responsible and/or involved in a variety of projects covering all aspects of spatial information systems. PYXIS is pleased to be able to offer meaningful employment and career prospects.

PYXIS is aware of Australia's leading role in the international trade arena and aspires to provide world class services and a business model that is harmony with a forward looking, responsive and responsible nation.